Alltion AM5000 Surgical Microscope with Adjustable Binocular Rolling Stand Mount



The best mid level LED dental microscope for endodontic treatments. The German spring arm & optics from Schott provide an excellent par-focal, large field of view & precise and clear three-dimensional images. Alltion microscopes come with many optional accessoires such as beam splitter, rotation devices and cameras that can be purchased later. The AM-5000 comes with a built-in SONY HD Video camera, a Variable Objective Lens and is suitable for many medical fields, such as Dental, ENT, General Surgery & Ophthalmology.


Product Description

Technical specifications:

  • 6-step magnification, minimum 3.2X, maximum 21X
  • The field view of 12.5X eyepiece is 18mm, 10X eyepiece is 21mm.
  • 198mm-455mm Variable Objective Lens.
  • Has an adjustable binocular inter-pupillary eyepiece.
  • Built-in ALLCAM2 HD or ALLCAM4 4K Video Camera
  • Includes WIFI transmission
  • 5 LED lighting modes, up to 80000 LUX max
  • IOS & Android system
  • Ergonomic design made of high-quality steel
  • Cables hidden in the microscope
  • Microscope body can be rotated 360° when casters are fixed
  • The edge image quality, contrast, and stray light elimination have all been improved

Top features

Flexible Optics Rotating Assembly (FORA) Pendulum Functionality

The FORA comes with a 90° binocular extender, a pendulum rotation device, and a beam splitter with options of 2:8 or 5:5. This allows the operator to maintain a natural and upright posture while observing the patient from a specific angle. Furthermore, the operator can adjust only the direction of the optical pod, while keeping the binocular stationary

Screenshot 2023 08 29 153049

Fluorescence and White Illumination

The illumination has two modes: white and fluorescence. When switching to fluorescence mode, the light switch knob is connected to an anti-violet shield. This shield automatically moves into the light path, ensuring the operator’s eyes are protected. The fluorescence mode assists in identifying boundaries between natural tooth tissue and artificial materials. Specifically, the AM-5000’s fluorescence mode allows the operator to differentiate between natural hard tooth tissue and dental composite resin material. This clear visual differentiation not only allows the operator to swiftly pinpoint the affected area but also conserves their valuable time during the excavation process.

Screenshot 2023 08 29 154339

Built-In 4K Camera System

Screenshot 2023 08 29 155842


Optic Type Standard Optional
Magnification Manual 6-step magnification
Objective lens 198-455mm Variable objective lens Objective lens( 250mm/ 300mm/ 400mm)
Magnification range 1.4X-22.8X
Binocular 0-180' Inclined binocular head with knob of pupillary distance adjustment 45' Binocular/ straight binocular
Range of interpupillary distance 50mm-75mm
Eyepiece 12.5X/18mm
Glass technology Premium quality apochromatic technology
Diopter ±7D
Optical extender 30' Binocular extender+ beam splitter+ rotation device; 45" /90' binocular extender with angle rotation device
Illumination LED Long-life LED > 50,000 hours
Illumination Illumination up to 80,000lx with a 250mm fixed focus objective
Color rendering > 85%
Color Temperature 5500K
Light spot Three types of light spot: maximum/ medium/minimum (without filter) Two types of filter: green/ yellow
Fluorescence mode Fluorescence mode
Power supply Camera Built-in 4K camera(see the table below for detailed parameters)
Rated Voltage Input: AC100-240V,50/60 HZ; output: DC12V/3A
Input Power 25-S0VA
Support system Floor Stand Fixed floor stand/floor stand with 950 panto aph arm/ceiling mount/ low position wall mount/ high position wall mount/ table mount/table cwamp mount


AM5000 Videos
AM-5000 Microscope

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