Alltion AM2000 ENT Microscope with Straight Binocular Rolling Stand Mount

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A combination of classic aesthetics & modern technology, this quality entry-level microscope has step magnification and crisp fiber optic illumination. The German spring arm & optics from Schott provide an excellent parfocal, large field of view & precise and clear three-dimensional images. Several different working distances, magnification types and mounts are available depending on the application. Many optional accessories for the AM series are available such as beam splitter, camera adaptor, CCD’s & teaching scopes etc. This device is suitable for many different disciplines such as ENT, Dental, General Surgery & Ophthalmology.

It also comes with a built-in Wi-Fi camera option and different mounting options like wall low mount, wall high mount, ceiling mount, fixed floor stand mount, floor rolling stand mount.


Product Description

AM-2000: Alltion Entry Level Surgical Microscope
  • Simple
  • Lightweight
  • Practical
  • Delicate
  • High-end quality
  • Principle of simplicity on the shape design, detail processing and colour collocation with an attractive appearance.
  • All the cables are hidden inside the arm and stand to form a neat and clean appearance.
  • Focus on each joint closure design, no gaps of joints more than 5mm, including the movement joints.
  • No fastening screws from the main surface.
Ent Microscope Alltion 2000 Series 1 500x500
Ent Microscope Alltion 2000 Series 5
Light and Handy
  • The head of the microscope is less than 3kg!
  • Compressed to perfection, the length from the binocular lens installation position to the lower end of the objective lens is only 110mm. 
  • All the hardware parts of the arm and stand are made of aluminium alloy. However, the total weight is not more than 20kg, to ensure the smooth movement of each joint.
  • Rotating bearings are built-in all joints.
  • The base size is only 580×580(mm), the smallest amount competing products.
Practical humanised design on practicability
  • The objective lens is designed by finger rotation zoom, which can be zoomed by the user’s thumb through holding the handle.
  • 5V and 12V power output set at the rear magnification pod, providing the power for external cameras and camcorders directly.
  • The dimming knob is designed under the connecting arm, closer to the user and more convenient.
  • Using medical level power supply adapter, improving the safety and is easy to be replaced. External mobile power is compatible.
Ent Microscope Alltion 2000 Series 2 500x500
Ent Microscope Alltion 2000 Series 3 500x500
  • 5-step magnification, minimum 3.2X ,maximum 21X, completely meet the requirement of using ;
  • The field view of 12.5X eyepiece is 18mm, 10X eyepiece is 21mm.
  • F200、F250、F300、F350、F400 Fixed objective lens and 200-300 Variable Objective Lens.
  • Same illumination design as AM-6000, 5 illumination molds for option. The highest illumination reaches over 75000 LUX with the F250 fixed objective.
  • On the basis of the original product, the whole optical system has been redesigned, with great emphasis on the improvement of image quality. The edge image quality, contrast and stray light elimination have all been improved.
  • In terms of detailed design, materials (90% visible material is aviation aluminium) and manufacturing technology.
  • The key components that affect the performance, such as the gas spring, is still imported from Germany. LED beads are high-end chips, ensuring colour rendering, colour temperature and lifetime. The power supply is medical-grade adapters. Bearings for movement joints are imported from Germany.


Eyepiece 12.5X/18mm 10X/21mm
Binocular tube 0-180 inclinable Straight 45° inclined
Objective lens 250mm 300mm Variable objective Len 200-300mm
Integrated Camera Nil External ALL-CAM2 camera
Magnification System 5 Steps
Magnification (250mm WD) 3.4X, 5.3X 8.5X, 13.6X 21X
LED 70,000Lux (with 250mm objective)
Illumination System color rendering Index285%
2 types of filter (orange, green)
3 types of illuminating spot (big, medium, small)
Power Supply 100-240V input
Suspension System 650mm standard arm
Power Cable inside the column
Price Attractive


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