Alltion ALL-CAM4 4K Full Function Video/Photo Camera for Microscopes


The All-Cam4 4K microscope camera system fuses a beam splitter with a fully functional 4K video camera.

This top-notch system is compatible with major microscope and colposcope brands such as Zeiss, Kaps, Leica, Zumax, Seiler, Optomic, Labomed, Seliga, DFV, Global, Moller, and Alltion.

It’s completely wireless, transmitting photos and videos via Wi-Fi to any computer (wireless network card included) or video monitor (wireless HDMI transmitter sold separately). The system comes with 32GB of memory and USB ports.

Ideal for high-definition display in surgical examinations, treatments, operations, and diagnostics.

You can also capture still images and easily share them across smartphones and computers.

The camera’s 4K resolution makes it simpler to explain procedures to patients.

Product Description

Ultimate 4-in-1 4K Microscope Camera System

Discover the Alltion ALL-CAM4, your go-to for high-grade imaging in both microscopes and colposcopes. Versatile and powerful, this 4K camera system is compatible with virtually all surgical microscopes and colposcopes. Elevate your visuals, effortlessly.

All Cam4.19


  1. The ALL-CAM4 4K camera system is integrated with a 4K camera module, beam splitter, 45°binocular extender and rotation device
  2. It is compatible with all the main surgical microscopes & colposcopes
  3. It produces real-time 4K image output and photos and videos recordings. It also supports real time multiple transmission by WIFI and HMDI
  4. Ergonomic design
  5. SONY high performance sensor with low noise, high sensitivity and excellent colour rendering.
  6. Equipped with USB 3.0, available connect with external U-disk for taking JPG image and recording MP4 format video
  7. Equipped with 3.5 audio input interface to support audio input
  8. One-channel optical splitter interface
  9. Wide voltage input adaptor: AC100-240V 50-60Hz
  10. Built-in video zoom function

Product Overview

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  1. USB3.0: Used to plug external memory such as USB3.0 U disk
  2. HDMI 2.0 output interface: HDMI A type interface, output real-time image
  3. USB2.0: Used add mouse.
  4. 3.5 Audio Input Interface: Connecting microphones enables audio input
  5. Wireless pairing indicator: This indicator of constant OFF, and lights on during wireless pairing
  6.  Pairing switch jack: Press the pairing switch in the hole with needle
  7. Power socket: Connect with the adapter, DC 12V input
  8. Power switch: Press the Power switch, green indicator lights on
  9. Optical splitter interface: With conventional optical splitter function
  10. Camera button: 1 Press shortly for photo or long touch for video shooting. There is the indicator light which flashes when shooting photos or videos.
  11. System restore button: When the camera fail to start the system, press the restore button by pin coupled with the activate file in the U-disk and boot. Hold 10s and release to restore the system automatically.


  1. Additional beam splitter, 45°binocular extender and rotation device are not needed
  2. Customisable with adaptors to fit different microscopes
  3. 4K video resolution, photography, video recording, freeze, image comparison, automatic exposure, white balance, play back and cross curve, measure, and other functions
  4. Super light weight, compact and concise


  1. Cost-saving – ability to have the latest recording system without replacing your whole microscope
  2. Reduce the load of the head of microscope, smoother operation
  3. Excellent image quality, multi-functional, convenient for doctor-patients’ communications, offer high-definition displays and records of surgical examinations, diagnosis, operating procedures, and treatment
  4. Help user a better ergonomically working posture


ALL-CAM4 Main Technical Parameters
Camera Features Sensor 1/1.8" SONY 8 million pixel high-performance, high- sensitivity and low-noise CMOS
HDMI 2.0 1pc
USB 2.0 1pc (for mouse)
Interface USB 3.0 1pc (for connect USB flash disk)
3.5 audio interface 1pc (for sound recording)
Resolution 4K (3840*2160) 60FPS (16:9)
Storage Connect external USB flash disk (support FAT32 and NTFS formats) Picture: JPG format Video: MP4 format
WIFI Built-in WIFI function, it can transmit images
Voltage 12V
Power 10-25VA
Physical Characteristics Weight 0.95kg
Size 155x115x84(MM)
Optical Data Camera Split Ratio 2:8
Beam Split Ration 2:8 (5:5 for option)
Video Resolution 4K 30FPS, 1080P 30FPS
Picture Resolution 8M (3840*2160), 2M (1920*1080)
Basic Functions Freeze, photograph, video recording, automatic exposure, white balance, play back and cross curve, sound recording
Software Image Effect Exposure value, best brightness, Gain, Red gain, Blue gain, saturability, contrast ratio, definition and HDR
Advanced Functions Horizontal flip, vertical flip, zoom out, zoom in, AOI and image comparison
System Settings Automatic/autonomous naming, show/hide time, show/hide LOGO, Eleven languages for option (Chinese, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Japanese, Russian, Polish), image resolution, naming setting, system update, restore default, version information
Measuring Function Measuring Tool: P2P, P2L, L2L, C2C, P2C, L2C, Angle, Arc, Circle, Rec. Polygon, Crease, Text, Del All, Color Settings, To Pictures, To Excel, Calibrating Tool, Information, Ruler Display
PC Client Windows system
Mobile Client Android system, IOS system


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