Inogen Rove 6 Portable Oxygen Concentrator 16 Cell System



The Inogen Rove 6 is an ideal solution for patients looking for a POC that maximizes their range and flexibility for oxygen delivery in a system that is quiet, easy to use and easy to maintain. The Inogen Rove 6 is designed to empower your patients with the peace of mind that comes with feeling ready to continue their normal activities – like spending quality time with family and friends, enjoying the great outdoors and traveling. With 6 flow settings, the Inogen Rove 6 is the most flexible POC we’ve ever offered, delivering up to 1,260 mL of medical-grade oxygen per minute.

Product Description

Inogen Rove 6 Lightweight and Quiet

With its compact design, the Rove 6 weighs just 2.2 kg (4.8 lbs.) (with a single battery) and is very quiet, even quieter than an average library (on flow setting 2).

  • 6 flow settings
  • Pulse flow technology
  • 16 cell battery with a long run time up to 13 hours
  • Improved buttons and cannula barb
  • Also compatible with Inogen One G5 accessoires (battery, external battery charger…)

6 flow settings

Like other Inogen portable concentrators, the Inogen Rove 6 operates using pulse flow technology. This advanced system ensures the device administers oxygen precisely when you inhale, offering an effective approach to oxygen therapy. The Rove 6 features six oxygen settings, with each setting approximately equal to delivering 1 litre of oxygen per minute.

Long battery run time – up to 13 hours

Besides its multiple oxygen settings, this model’s extended battery life is a significant advantage. The large (16 cell) battery allows for nearly 13 hours of oxygen therapy, enabling prolonged outdoor activities. Additionally, the device can be powered by electricity, making it suitable for use at home or in nursing homes. Below is a summary of the battery duration for each flow setting, noting that a lower flow setting results in longer battery life.

Small and lightweight oxygen concentrator

The Inogen Rove 6 boasts a compact design, measuring just 23 cm in height and 18 cm in length. Despite housing a large battery, this portable concentrator maintains a lightweight profile at only 2.6 kg, perfect for mobile oxygen therapy. It comes standard with a deluxe carry bag equipped with a shoulder strap and protective padding to ensure optimal protection for the device.

A step ahead of the Inogen G5

The Inogen Rove 6 retains all the advantageous features of the Inogen One G5 and introduces several enhancements. The device now features bright blue buttons for easier operation. Additionally, the cannula barb is ribbed, ensuring a more secure connection with the nasal cannula. If you have previously used the G5 oxygen concentrator, you’ll be pleased to know that its accessories, including the battery and external battery charger, are compatible with the Rove 6.

Traveling by airplane with your Inogen Rove 6

The Inogen Rove 6 is also suitable for use on airplanes, as it is ‘FAA approved’, indicating official clearance for in-flight use. However, it’s important to contact your airline beforehand, as regulations for using an oxygen concentrator on board vary between airlines. Wishing you a pleasant flight!

Package contents include:

  • Inogen Rove 6 Oxygen Concentrator
  • Carry Bag
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Nasal Canula
  • AC Power supply
  • DC Power supply cable
  • Filter
  • 16 cell Battery
  • User Manual

Warranty: 3 years on device, 12 months on columns, battery and power supply


Technical Specifications

Oxygen Flow Pulse dose delivery system
Six flow settings: 1-6
Weight 2.2 kg. (4.8 lbs.) (includes single battery)
2.6 kg. (5.8 lbs.) (with extended-life battery)
Size Length: 18.3 cm. (7.2 in.)
Width: 8.3 cm. (3.3 in.)
Height: 20.5 cm. (8.1 in.) (includes single battery)
Noise Level 39 dBA*
Battery Single Battery up to 6.25 hours
Double Battery up to 12.75 hours
Power AC Power Supply 100-240V, 50-60Hz (auto sensing 2.0 - 1.0A to allow worldwide use)
Operation Simple control functions and easy-to-read LCD display.

Flow Setting Single Battery 8 Cell Double Battery 16 Cell
1 6:35 hours 13:28 hours
2 5:03 hours 10:22 hours
3 3:27 hours 7:01 hours
4 2:25 hours 4:55 hours
5 1:51 hours 3:48 hours
6 1:26 hours 2:58 hours

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