Kingon Sieve Bed CO-P201 Sieve Bed for P2 after Q4 2020

$410.00 Excl. GST   $451.00 Incl. GST


The molecular sieve bed are used  in the oxygen concentrators to selectively adsorb nitrogen and other gases from air, leaving a higher concentration of oxygen output for a better oxygen therapy.

Product Description

  • The molecular sieve bed  is developed and designed for the production of up to 95% oxygen-rich airstreams in the P2 oxygen concentrators. 
  • They are also used as catalysts to remove the nitrogen from oxygen to obtain pure oxygen.

High Efficiency Molecular Sieve 1024x315
  • The sieve bed has a large nitrogen adsorption capacity, high efficiency of oxygen/nitrogen separation.
  • Sieve life is between 12 months – 18 months
  • It has a high N2/O2 separation under a very low pressure, which lowers the consumption of producing oxygen.
  • It ensures to produce oxygen with a purity level reached 94% – 95%.

Triple Filtration

Triple Filtration

In this process, molecules of components like nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and water are adsorbed effectively bypassing an ambient air through a column of molecular sieves and let oxygen and other molecules to pass through.

It filters domestic dust, pollen, harmful gases and granuels  out of the air using a triple-layer filter system


Length: 19 cm

Height: 5.5 cm

Width:  7 cm

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