Podotronic OPUS IV   is a combination of price and quality, modern, attractive design with classic rotary knobs for speed control and suction force adjustment.

– Compact unit, clear LED display.

– Smooth adjustment of suction power.

– Vacuum cleaner suction power up to 120 l/min.

– The  Opus IV  router is equipped with a time indicator as a prompt for filter replacement. 

– Powerful turbine ensures clean work and protection of your health and the health of your customers

– Ergonomically shaped brush tip, continuously variable speed up to 30,000 rpm

– Auto clamping mechanism for fixing nozzles

– Rotation switch directly on the handpiece

– Forward/reverse rotation

– Simplicity and ease of filter pack replacement

– Countdown of the operating time to control the filling of the filter (20 hours)

Product Description

Technical features:

  • Built-In aspiration and filter system
  • Efficient and quiet vacuum motor
  • Operating hours counter for filter control
  • New display (monochrome, 128×64 Pixel)
  • Suction hose with integrated contacts for handpiece connection (fixed connection with filter chamber)
  • Unique handpiece in ergonomic shape 30,000 rpm (95g)
  • 2 rotary knobs for stageless adjustable speed and suction



Voltage:  230 V/ 50 Hz

Suction turbine power:  350 VA

Micro motor:  50 Watt /24 V/ 30,000 rpm

Maximum dimensions:  320x125x220 mm

Tip Weight:  95g

Set  weight :  4.0 kg

Manufacturer:  Germany

Warranty:  12 months


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