MIR Smart One Personal Spirometer Peak Flow Meter

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An electronic peak flow meter which connects to a smartphone to provide and store readings of peak flow and FEV1. The application allows transmission of test data to practitioners for review. It is Ideal for monitoring respiratory illness and in the self management of Asthma, COPD, Lung Transplant Care, Cystic Fibrosis and for use in clinical trials.

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Product Description

MIR Smart One Spirometer Personal Peak Flow Meter



The symptoms of most respiratory diseases appear years after onset. Prevention is vital in the treatment of asthma and lung diseases. The SMART ONE personal spirometer is designed for asthma sufferers, sports persons and smokers to help them monitor their lung health day after day.

Winner of the Medical Design Excellence Award, Good Design Award, Product of Outstanding Interest Award from the European Respiratory Society, and an iF International Forum Design Award, the pocket-sized MIR Smart One Personal Peak Flow meter has been designed to encourage adult and paediatric patient compliance through iOS and Android app-supported spirometry. The Smart One accurately tracks lung health outside of a clinical setting.

MIR technology is created by a Red Dot Award winning Italian-based design team. MIR is responsible for a range of advanced and internationally recognised spirometry solutions which have been designed and manufactured for use by medical practitioners and researchers for over twenty years.

Zone Medical currently supplies seven spirometry models: the MIR Minispir 2, MIR Spirobank 2 Basic, MIR Spirobank 2 Smart, MIR Spirodoc, MIR Spirobank 2 Advanced, MIR Spirolab 4 Desktop and the MIR Smart One Personal Peak Flow Meter. This user-friendly device for non-professionals is user-friendly and shows easy to interpret results through app-based graphs, targets and traffic light health indicators. Adult and paediatric incentives are based upon Peak Expiratory Flow (PEF) and Forced Expiratory Volume in One Second (FEV1) to provide useful and accurate spirometry results from any location.

MIR Smart One Peak Flow Meter


Who is it for?

The MIR Smart One Spirometer Personal Peak Flow Meter is particularly valuable to those suffering from respiratory complaints or as an incentive to tobacco cessation. Alternatively, researchers working on health care and clinical trial projects can gather useable results from multiple locations across the globe. 

Patient Benefits

The MIR Smart One spirometer and included iOS or Android app supports eleven languages. Built-in incentives are based on exhaled flow and volume. Even young children can provide accurate results from a non-clinical setting. This device is perfect for self-management of respiratory disorders such as COPD, asthma, post pulmonary transplant care and cystic fibrosis.

It is possible to add notes to results and so provide more detailed data during consultations. Users can select and view the score awarded to their symptoms, flag single tests, select numerical or graphic results and email results to their primary care giver.

Why the Smart One Spirometer/Personal Peak Flow Meter?

The MIR Smart One spirometer accurately and rapidly measures FEV1 and PEF results.

Other MIR Smart One Personal Peak Flow Meter specifications include:

  • 5 – 10 years AAA alkaline battery time in standby mode with >1000 performed tests
  • Wireless Bluetooth® Smart data transmission
  • Affordable, durable and reliable
  • Personalisation features: input age, origin, weight, height and sex for individual target values
  • OEM versions provided by in-house software developers
  • Customisable SDK and API protocols for third-party developers
  • Various casing colours available
  • Ready to use straight from the box – no software installation
  • Free iOS or Android app for smartphone and tablet
  • Exhale Flow and Volume incentives
  • Test results history with measured values, symptom scoring and notes
  • Home testing and self-management solution
  • Pocket sized – only 60.7 grams including batteries
  • Disposable turbines can be used on this device

Winner of multiple awards, The Smart One Spirometer is a low-cost, home spirometer offering a basic level of respiratory screening that utilises bluetooth technology to connect directly to a smartphone.

It is designed to be used as a self-monitoring tool for those with a respiratory condition or as a wellness product for the health conscious.

Using the free iPhone Smart One® app, you can record Peak Flow and FEV1 measurements in the comfort of your own home with the ability to send results electronically to your healthcare advisor.

You can input your age, origin, weight, height and sex in the settings menu which allows the app to calculate a target value and set pre-determined ranges for the traffic light health indicator.

When you perform a peak flow test, the target value is displayed as an incentive.

Please note that this product is compatible with an apple & android devices.

Device can be used for multiple patients however each must have own phone with individual app.

Blow into the MIR Smart One & results will be displayed in real time.

MIR Smart One Peak Flow Results Indicator 

12 Month Warranty

Looking for a more advanced spirometer? Check our MIR Spirobank Advanced Spirometer.

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