MedCaptain MP900 Infusion CMS

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This central monitoring system is a wireless local area network that can connect syringe pumps, infusion pumps, and infusion workstation in each ward to the computer. By the use of the leMS software, up to 3810 pumps can be remotely monitored, from single-bed to whole department monitoring. Historical events and data can be looked up, backed up, imported, and printed safely.

Product Description

Infusion CMS MedCaptain, High End

Infusion CMS Features:

  • A computer system configured with the host, printer, microphone, loudspeaker box, and wireless router is deployed. The computer is installed with the leMS software. A wireless local area network is formed using Wi-Fi to connect the syringe pumps, infusion pumps, and Infusion Workstation in each ward to the computer.
  • Software can be installed on a desktop or portable computer.
  • The syringe pumps, infusion pumps, and Infusion Workstation can be remotely monitored in wireless mode.
  • Up to 3810 pumps can be remotely monitored.
  • Single-bed to whole department monitoring.
  • Parameters are monitored, including patient information, running parameters of syringe and infusion pumps, and alarms of syringe and infusion pumps.
  • The bell and voice calls are supported between the syringe/infusion pump and the Infusion Workstation.
  • The function of looking up patient information is supported.
  • Historical event records can be looked up, backed up, imported, and printed.
  • The three-level (high, mediate, and low) audible and visible alarm function is supported.
  • The reliable and stable data encryption and redundancy technologies are adopted.
  • Control operation is not performed on the connected syringe, infusion, and composite pumps to ensure safety of infusion.


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