Medcaptain SYS70 Infusion Pump

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An easy to use, state of the art IV infusion device used to safely administer and track infusions. Featuring a 3.5″ touch screen, alarm systems for air bubble and pre-occlusion detection with a wide range of varying infusion rates. This device is suitable for both hospital and ambulance sectors and has an optional built in WiFi module.

Product Description

Infusion Pump SYS-70 by Medcaptain​

Infusion Pump SYS-70 by Medcaptain is Smart, Simplified, Innovative, and Safe.

What does infusion mean?

Infusion, in medical terms, is the method of injecting another fluid into the bloodstream. This device connects to a “drip” or IV bag and tube and assists in regulating the procedure with determinants like the fluid flow, as well as detecting air bubbles and occlusions to ensure maximum safety.
Infusion Pump SYS-70 by Medcaptain

Upstream Occlusion Alarm – 01

Innovative Pressure-Adjustable Module – 02

Intermittent Air Bubbles Detector – 03

Downstream Occlusion Alarm – 04

Infusion Pump SYS-70 by Medcaptain Features:

  • 3.5″ Touch Screen Operated
    • With the responsive and clear touch screen it’s easier to see parameters are easy to read and easy to control.
  • Innovative Pressure-Adjustable Pump Finger/Module
    • Adjustable fit for increased compatibility.
  • Wide Range of Varying Infusion Rates
    • Since different medications and different treatment methods require ever changing infusion rates, the device is suited to a wide variety.
  • Intermittent Air Bubbles Alarm
    • This alarm detects Air Bubbles in a sensitivity within 7 levels.
  • Automatic Pump Door & Automatic Anti Free-Flow System
    • Only one touch is required to open the door and the clamp making the system convenient and easy to operate for busy medical professionals.
  • Ingress Protection of IP24
    • The Infusion Pump SYS-70 by Medcaptain meets IP24 standards meaning it is (among other things) splash resistant and suitable to various kinds of environments.
  • Large Capacity Lithium-ion Battery
    • Can run, uninterrupted, for up to 20 consecutive hours without needing to be charged.
  • Dual Occlusion Alarm System
    • This alarm detects upstream and downstream occlusion and with 13 levels.

Ambulance Ready:

Completely Ambulance EN 1789 Standard Certified. This means Infusion Pump SYS-70 by Medcaptain and Syringe Pump SYS-50/52 by Medcaptain are guaranteed to provide stable infusion during transportation.


Wireless Connectivity:

The devices have an optional built in wifi module. Both devices can connect via WLAN or LAN connection (Wirelessly or directly into the model with an ethernet cable) to any HIS (Hospital Information System).

They are connected to Medcaptains MP-900 Infusion Central Monitoring System to implement centralised monitoring of all infusions.

All SYS series pumps can also access the CIS (Clinical Information System) and HIS for clinical data integration.

Syringe Driver SYS-70 by Medcaptain
Syringe Driver SYS-50-52-70 by Medcaptain

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