MedCaptain Eleveld HP TCI Infusion Syringe Pump

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  • Advanced TCI function is offering a great anaesthesia solution
  • Clear visibility on important information with medical grade large screen.
  • Easy operation with 3.0 inch touchscreen.
  • Accurate concentration is controlled by reliable algorithm.
  • Extra bolus delivery is available during the TCI.
  • Max flow rate: 2000mL/h
  • Compatible with HP-80 MRI infusion workstation

Product Description

The HP TCI Syringe pump is also called an Anaesthesiologist’s best partner. The advanced TCI function offers great anaesthesia solutions. The Syringe pump comes with a large medical grade screen that displays important vital information.
A reliable algorithm controls the accurate concentration of drug delivery. Extra bolus delivery is also available during TCI. The max flow rate of the HP TCI is 2000mL/h. The HP TCI is known for its high infusion accuracy, which is <=+-2%.

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More patient samples. More blood samples. Applicable for wide range of age and weights.

The Eleveld model is suitable for all models, including neonates and obese.

Model No.of Patients Age Range Weight Range No.of Blood Samples No.of Model Parameters
Marsh 16 25 – 65 Years 48 – 84 Kg 481 7
Schnider 24 25 – 81 Years 44 – 123 Kg 1006 11
Eleveld 1033 27 Weeks – 88 Years 0.68 – 160 Kg 15433 18

Possible Protocols

Drug Model Plasma Effect Side
Propofol Marsh Yes No
Schnider Yes Yes
Kataria Yes No
Paedfusor Yes No
Eleveld Yes Yes
Dexmedetomodine Dyck Yes No
Remifentanil Minto Yes Yes
Sufentanil Gepts Yes Yes
Alfentanil Maitre Yes Yes
Fentanyl Shafer Yes Yes

Compatible with HP-80 MRI infusion workstation

Tci Equip2



Dimension 258×75×152mm (WXHXD)
Weight 1.7kg including battery
Screen 3.0 inch LCD touch screen. brightness 10 level adjustable
Classification Defibrilation-proof type CF applied part, IP 33
Compatible Syringe Various brands of 2ml, 3ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20/30ml, 50/60ml syringes compliant with national standards
Standard Accessories Power cord, Handle, Pole clamp
Optional Accessories PCA controller, Nurse caller, Barcode scanner

Special Functions

Recent therapy 20 recent therapies are recorded and can be used for rapid infusion
Rate change during infusion Infusion rate can be changed anytime during infusion, not necessary to stop infusion before change
Relay function Continuous infusion among any pump within docking station at any mode to guarantee non-stop therapies for sensitive drugs
Screen lock Both Manual screen lock and Auto screen lock are available.
Drug library Up to 5000 drugs can be built in
Repeat alarming Alarm sounds again in 2 minutes, if there is still alarm after alarm is mute
Event recording Maximum 2000 events can be stored and play back
Sound volume 5 levels selectable
Power supply switching When AC/DC power supply is cut off, the infusion automatically switch to internal battery supply


MedCaptain HP TCI Brochure

Infusion Mode Brochure
Introduction to infusion mode

Elevated Model Training
Medcaptain HP TCI Training



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