Meike PBS Bladder Scanner V5.1

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Guaranteed high accuracy and ease of use due to dual easy & expert scanning modes. Features location prompts, bladder border recognition through ultrasonic echo technology. Optional bar code scanner is available. Very popular in both community and general surgery and emergency hospital departments.

Product Description

Palm Bladder Scanner 5.1

  • Pre-scanning display modes: expert & easy
    Expert mode: allow users to see the real-time imaging.
    Easy mode: display the bladder simple outline sketch.
  • Best scan location prompt
    The device will prompt when the probe is in the best and optimal bladder position during pre-scanning.
  • Bladder border recognition manual correction
    Manual contour the scanned grey-scale images to correct
    the volume, which can avoid re-scanning.
  • Bar code scanning
    Scan bar code to read patient information directly
  • Large Memory capacity
    Large memory capacity allows to store over 1000 patients cases.
  • Portable & stationary mode
    The PBS can be used on battery and also while plugged in ( DC charging)
Meike Palm Bladder Scanner PBS 4.1

Advantages of Portable Bladder Scanner 5.1 over conventional scanners

  1. Accuracy
    The Meike portable bladder scanner use the Bladder reconstruction technology, its accuracy is ±10%, ±10ml at a range of 0-999ml.
    The conventional bladder scanner does not usually show precise calculation of urine. Usually, a sonographer is required to calculate precisely by measuring the width, depth and height of the bladder and its average accuracy is ±30%, which is less than optimal. Thus, having very limited use in a clinical practice.
  2. Efficiency of Palm Bladder Scanner
    The bladder scanner can show results automatically and the scanning time would only take 4-5 seconds. There is no need for a sonographer to be present as a nurse would be able to perform the scan after some simple training.
    During clinical use, this would improve the efficiency of the hospital and help patients to rehabilitate quicker.
  3. Outline the bladder edge
    The Meike bladder scanner utilises bladder edge recognition techniques on each B-mode image and outlines the edge by red lines. The user can judge if it uses the correct area to calculate and if not, you should rescan the bladder area. It makes the result more scientific and reliable.
  4. Helps to reduce unnecessary catheterisation and nosocomial infections. By measuring the bladder volume to decide the need for catheterisation, a hospital could save a lot on unnecessary catheterisation and catheter-associated infections. It also improves the treatment experience of patients.
  5. Multi scan mode Scan mode: Male, Female, Pediatric.

PBS Portable Bladder Scanner Features

  • Light weight 
  • Portable
  • 8.4” colour LCD TFT screen
  • User friendly software
    Easy to operate
  • Ability to store and review patient images and records
  • Accurately measures bladder and residual volumes
  • USB connectivity for data transfer to PC
  • Software upgrades via Internet
  • Long life lithium battery
  • In-built smart calibrating program
  • Connection to an external printer
  • Hard case, Cradle, Printer, Probe, Battery, etc. included
    (refer to kit contents for full list of inclusions)


  • Urology
  • Obstetrics and
  • Gynaecology
  • Anorectic
  • Rehabilitation
  • Emergency departments
  • ER
  • General surgery
  • Paediatrics
  • ICU
  • In-home medical
  • Nursing homes
  • Community Medical Centres
  • Family Doctors


• Transducer freq: 2.6MHZ
• Scan method: 3D
• Scan depth: ;?:180mm
• Sway angle: 95°±2°
• Rotate angle: 180°±2°
• Display screen: 8.4″ Color LCD TFT screen
• Power supply: Battery
• Patient ID: 12 digit maximum
• Scan range: 0-999ml
• Error range: ±10%, ±10ml
• Scan mode: Male; Female; Pediatric
• Bar Code scanner: 7 bit bar codes


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