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Pulse Oximetery

Pulse oximetry is no longer limited to use within healthcare facilities due to the current availability and low cost of pulse oximeters. From athletes to pulmonologists, from the operating theatre to the home, these small medical devices measure light absorption changes in oxygenated or deoxygenated blood, usually via the fingertip, providing two measurements – the oxygen saturation level of hemoglobin within red blood cells flowing through the capillaries (%SpO2) and the heart rate. For medical professionals, photoplethysmograms can be further processed in other clinical measurements.

Zone Medical supplies a wide range of portable, user-friendly and extremely reliable pulse oximeters in fingertip, handheld and probe models. Our selection is designed and manufactured by renowned medical equipment suppliers such as MIR, Edan and ChoiceMed. We also supply low-cost paediatric pulse oximeters for home or clinical settings.

The convenience and accuracy of pulse ox devices found within the Zone Medical collection provide circulatory data not just for physicians but for mountaineers, pilots working in non-pressurised aircraft and amateur or professional athletes. Our home-setting customers include cardiac or respiratory disorder patients suffering from oxygen deprivation through pathologies like sleep apnoea, COPD and hypopnea, and for those receiving supplementary oxygen as short- or long-term therapy. For clinical professionals, each one of our pulse oximetry models boasts high-standard features that provide accurate %SpO2 readings. These models are fully capable or providing essential data for patients in the intensive care unit, operating department, recovery ward and hospital ward. Mobile clinics and emergency services are also obliged to carry low-maintenance and accurate pulse oximetry devices of standards as represented by Zone Medical pulse oximetry devices.

Our simplest and cheapest pulse oximeters are fingertip models featuring easy-to-read LED displays that indicate %SpO2 and heart rate. These come equipped with batteries and carry cases. For pulse ox devices where results may be used towards the calculation of other measurements, Zone Medical offers handheld models with electrocardiogram options and group data storage, or the ultimate pulse oximeter ensemble, the MIR Spirodoc 3D where motion analysis, advanced parameters for pulmonologists and winspiroPRO PC software provide an all-in-one respiratory device for patient diagnosis and evaluation.

Various paediatric and neonate pulse oximetry models are also available at Zone Medical, together with a range of accessories such as paediatric tape sensors to enable accurate %SpO2 on even the tiniest fingers. Browse through our selection to find the best pulse oximeter for your private or professional requirements.

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