ChoiceMed Child Finger Pulse Oximeter

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The ChoiceMed Child Finger Pulse Oximeter has an easy to read screen but forgoes sleek elegance for functional cute extra-child-friendly animal shapes.



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Child Pulse Oximeter from ChoiceMed

C52/C53/C55/C5 Fingertip Child Pulse Oximeters are extremely lightweight and compact “all-in-one” devices for measuring the oxygen saturation levels in the blood, the pulse rate and the pulse intensity on children quickly and without fuss.

Pulse oximeter features:

Very compact, lightweight and portable Oximeter

Clear display

Equally suited to left-handed users

Accurate and fast measurements

Easy and practical to use

1-button operation

One year manufacturer warranty

Colour & features may vary


Looking for a Universal Size Pulse Oximeter? Check our Choicemed Pulse Oximeter CB3.

Child Pulse Oximeter Chicemed C53 Brochure

User Manuals
Child Pulse Oximeter Chicemed C53 User Manual
Child Pulse Oximeters

Kit_Content_C5 Pulse Oximeter

Additional Information

Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions10 × 7 × 5 cm

C52, C53, C55, C5

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