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Scales & Measurement

Accurate measurements lead to accurate diagnoses and treatments. In terms of measuring body weight in paediatric and adult populations, Zone Medical understands the importance of durable, lightweight scales that remain accurate over a long lifespan and are easy for patients to access.

For paediatric patients or parents interested in monitory baby growth from home, Zone Medical provides a range of baby scales, a number of which can adapt into toddler scales measuring weights of up to 20 kg. In addition, you will find tape measures for head circumference and length measuring mats or rods.

Weight loss scales known as bariatric scales are manufactured for use by larger frames and feature the option of support rails. The Zone Medical range of bariatric weighing scales measures weights up to 300 kg with results accurate to within just 100 g.

The traditional wall-side décor of every general practitioner’s office, our range of column scales featuring scales and stadiometers, morbidly obese patients and paediatric populations look as good as they are guaranteed to perform.

Finally, Zone Medical offers standard floor and specialty scales to suit any home, clinic or rehabilitation service setting. For every body shape and size, for every age and for wheelchair users, Zone Medical has an appropriate choice of weight, BMI and height combinations that provide accurate data that enables accurate drug dosage, child growth and development insights, weight gain and weight loss patterns and general patient or health evaluation.