ADE MEDBAK Baby Toddler Scales Combo

$239.00 Excl. GST

A high quality baby scale with a capacity of 20kg in 5 gram graduations. The large scale is ideal for GPs and home visiting nurses as it is lightweight and portable. The clear 30mm display and three key operation makes the scale easy to use.

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ADE MEDBAK Baby Scales Toddler Combo

  • Work temperature 10~40°C
  • Environmental humidity: <80%
  • capacity: 20kg
  • Graduation: 5g
  • Power supply: AA X 4 batteries
  • Low power: L o
  • Error of indication: Err
  • Unit change: kg or lb
  • Memory function: optionally save and recall weighing value
  • Turns off automatically

Ideal Scale for Baby and Walking Infant when top tray removed

User Manuals
ADE MEDBAK Baby Toddler Scales Combo User Manual

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