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ADE MZ10028 Baby Length Measuring Rod

$119.00 Excl. GST

An aluminium measuring rod with foldable measuring tongues and a measurement range of 100-1000mm with 2mm graduations. A durable product suitable for many different clinics.

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Product Description

ADE MZ10028 Baby Length Measuring Rod

Baby length measure made of aluminium with foldable measuring tongues. The triangle-shaped feet will support the measuring rod when placed on a table for fast and accurate measurements of infants. The measuring range of up to 1000mm by 2mm graduations will give accurate and reliable measurements at any time.

  • Measuring range 100-1000 mm
  • Graduation 2 mm
  • Dimensions 110 x 140 x 340 mm
  • Weight approx. 585 g

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