Extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) involves the transportation of high energy, high amplitude acoustic waves to tender or painful myoskeletal and soft tissues during the treatment of subacute, subchronic and chronic conditions. Studies into the effects of ESWT have shown that tissues treated with acoustic sound waves undergo biological alterations that initiate the healing response. Acoustic or pressure wave therapy also activate mast cells which reverse signs of chronic inflammation. Further attributes include increased collagen production, the dissolution of calcified fibroblasts and excellent analgesic properties. Radial extracorporeal shockwave therapy or rESWT has also been shown to mediate cell death, enhance angiogenesis and speed up both wound healing and new bone formation.

ESWT and rESWT – sometimes shortened to rSWT – work differently. More traditional ESWT sends extremely rapid and very short acoustic (pressure) waves that pulse kinetic energy into the tissues up to a depth of approximately 8 cm. Radial pressure waves are slower and broader and often thought to be more efficient in the treatment of superficial tissues; however, rESWT is successfully used to alleviate deeply located structures. The effectiveness of this non-invasive therapy makes shockwave a popular choice for post-surgical revalidation and the treatment of chronic pain. Physiotherapists, orthopaedists and sports physicians will find a professional-quality shockwave therapy device in the Zone Medical catalogue.

Shockwave therapy devices must be able to produce either sufficient compressed air movement or electromagnetic field to transfer kinetic energy into the transmitter and further on into the tissue. Zone Medical offers plug and play rSWT machines that are user-friendly, low-maintenance, accurate and reliable. Radial pressure wave devices in our catalogue are extremely competitively priced when compared to other machines with the same specifications. What is more, they are lightweight and portable, allowing mobile health services to take advantage of an additional professional therapeutic option. With adjustable power levels of up to 5 bar of produced pressure waves, adjustable frequencies of up to 22 Hz and a selection of burst modes, health workers and patients alike will benefit from the high customisability that matches therapy not only to tissue depth but also to patient comfort.

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