Winspiro Pro Software - Network Edition

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Winspiro Pro Software Network Edition Software Additional Workstation license

Winspiro PRO is the new software for maximum spirometry and oximetry performance, already in use worldwide.

With its extreme simplicity of use plus innovative user interface, winspiroPRO represents a new frontier for PC spirometry and oximetry.

Just one click is required to select and send spirometry results and graphs by email. Includes FVC, VC, MVV and brochial challenge testing plus a whole lot more.

Curves and tests in various formats including Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat, HTML and text fileWinspiroPRO is compatible with windows XP, VISTA and Seven.

WinspiroPRO drivers have been certified by Microsoft.
Network Version available.


WinspiroPRO now available with HL7 interface

WinpiroPRO can easily be connected to a database, EPR, hospital or occupational health system. Special edition with HL7 interface is available on request.


Screenshots & Printouts

Simple, single-screen patient spirometry summary, with dynamic management of all data and graphs.

Smart data import facility from MIR spirometers, with automatic creation of patient cards plus a preview of the imported test curves.
New and intuitive hyperlinked spirometry curves.

Viewing and comparison of all spirometry curves and calculation of the measured delta values. Several hundred curves can be reviewed for each patient.

Bronchial challenge and bronchial dilator protocols, with one click operation.
Direct email of spirometry data and curves.

Suitable for clinical trials and telemedicine applications.


The spirometry incentive routine (MIR exclusive patent), allows the user to select the patient’s favourite image in order to get maximum compliance.

High performance PC software for spirometry and oximetry

All results can be quickly printed out.
All tests memorised are automatically downloaded into winspiroPRO and a patient data card is created automatically, with a preview of the spirometry curve.

The spirometry incentive routine, which MIR has patented, allows the user to select the patient''s favourite image in order to get his maximum compliance.

WinspiroPRO can easily be connected to a database or to an EPR, hospital or occupational health system.

This software also gives trend graphs of any parameter so is ideal for clinical trials and telemedicine.

For any patient, all tests and curves in memory can be reviewed on a single page and the results, including oximetry tests, can be compared.

WinspiroPRO: all tests and curves in memory

WinspiroPRO is a unique featured PC software, which comes standard with all MIR spirometers and oximeters.

The latest version provides an innovative user interface, including a detailed motion analysis.

WinspiroPRO results

Comprehensive patient records

All patient physical activity records as well as body position are shown on simple, single-screen patient cards, with dynamic management of all data and graphs including SpO2 measurements during the corresponding test (6MWT, Sleep, Stress Test…)

MIR Winspiro Pro Software Brochure
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