Suction & Irrigation

Suction & irrigation systems are necessary pieces of medical equipment in many different medical settings. Zone Medical not only supplies a selection of medical suction pumps and irrigation units from competitively priced and well-designed brands such as Tongye, we also offer various suction accessories including sterile suction tubes.

Medical suction units clear the airway of secretions – blood, mucus saliva and vomit – using vacuum.  It is often the case that gas and air systems are either limited in number or absent in the great majority of medical settings, especially in non-clinical or basic medical environments. In order to provide every healthcare ecosystem with quality solutions, Zone Medical concentrates on the supply of battery-operated and electrical suction units. Our top portable suction unit models are found in multiple medical environments and departments: mobile emergency medical services, operating theatres, dental clinics, day clinics, recovery rooms, medium and intensive care units, surgical and internal medicine wards, neurology, respiratory and gastroenterology departments, paediatric units, foreign and national medical aid facilities, and home nursing and home care settings. Zone Medical also supplies certified sterile suction tubes for use in surgical, out-patient or home care procedures.