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Suction Units

Portable suction units or vacuum devices are necessary in a broad variety of care environments. These include emergency medical services, operating theatres, dental clinics, general practitioner’s offices, recovery rooms, medium and intensive care units, respiratory medicine neurology and gastroenterology departments, paediatric units, private nursing groups and countless home-care settings.

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Due to the many different environments in which aspiration or suction units are used, each unit type must be either specifically produced for a particular task or highly adjustable, providing low or strong suction to remove secretions or fluids from delicate areas such as the inner ear and brain or rapidly drain away irrigation fluids during arthroscopic procedures. In home settings, suction is usually limited to the drainage of stomach contents or airway secretions.

Zone Medical supplies microsuction sets for aural toileting, phlegm suction pumps and a lightweight, compact suction unit for rural-based paramedics and humanitarian aid workers that can be used far from an electricity supply. We also offer the Doctor’s Friend – a completely mobile and space-saving surgical suction unit which is easy to clean and has autoclavable parts; it is able to withstand even the strongest disinfecting agents. Zone Medical also supplies the appropriate options or accessories for each advertised suction unit model.

The majority of our portable electric suction units are supplied by Tongye Co. Ltd, a
high-tech medical equipment enterprise established over thirty years ago and continuing to provide medical professionals from all over the globe with fail-safe, patented and innovative solutions.

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