Ear Toilet Package

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The Ear Toilet Package is to assist clinicians with the view and management of many Aural pathologies such as wax and infection. The package includes a microscope coupled with a suction machine, suction tubes, suction controllers and speculum. This microscope is an asset for any practice providing high quality image through German optics and LED light. It is suitable for use by many practitioners including GP’s, ENT’s & Audiologists.

*Use of this device may allow MBS item claim (#41647 & #41500). Contact Medicare for more information.

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Ear Toilet Package 

The Ear Toilet Package is a valuable unit for any practice.

The ear toilet package assists in the removal of built-up ear wax and foreign bodies and is ideal for GP’s and ENT’s as it allows easy movement and vision of the affected area.

What is the difference between the Basic & Pro Pack?

The Pro is a higher quality design. It incorporates features such as better quality optics, articulated arm and joints, 5 step magnification, all internal cabling and the ability to connect CCD’s and digital cameras. These are commonly purchased by Specialists and the experienced user looking for a better quality microscope.

The Basic is most popular amongst General Practice users due to its cost-efficiency.

Basic ear toilet package features 3 step magnification, quality optics, basic arm configuration and does not have the ability to connect additional accessories.

Both packages include the same suction machine and attachments.

Ear Toilet Pack Suction DemoHigh Quality Microscopes

Optics are made in Germany, spring arm made in Germany, LED made in the USA. The product is assembled in China, this is the same for many other brand name products in the market.


Is the Tongye Suction Unit suitable for ear micro-suction?

Yes! It is suitable for removing foreign bodies, wax and infection (for instance otitis external).

It uses slow suction which increases the pressure when it encounters resistance e.g. ear wax. The suction controller allows the user to regulate the suction machine pressure at all times.


Why you should choose our Ear Toilet Package?

Many companies are selling our “Ear Toilet Pack” and no other all-inclusive packages are available in the market.

Microscopes are available but are at a significantly higher price point, they are usually brand names e.g. Carl Zeiss, Seiler etc.

Feedback from customers is that they love the microscope.


Ear Toilet Pack Warranty

Microscopes – 12 Months

Suction Machine – 18 Months

Warranty covers defects in manufacturing and does not cover user damage or if the product is used improperly. See user manual for each component for further information.

Kit_Content_Ear Toilet
Microscopes Features
Basic: Alltion YSX Series Microscope Brochure
Pro: Alltion AMP8000 Series Microscope Brochure

Tongye MC600A Suction Unit 240v
High vacuum, high flow, oil-free vacuum pump
Antibacterial filter
Anti-overflow Protection Device
Lower noise, stepless vacuum adjustment
Multi-function Deployment Optional
AC Power Supply

Suction Tubes and Ear Gruber
Stainless Steel Suction Tube 14 Gauge Bent Non-Sterile PK100
The Ear Gruber speculum is used for opening the ear canal for better visualization during cerumen management.

Ear Clear Ear Wax Remover
Earclear ear wax remover helps to relieve the blocked ear feeling due to a build-up of ear wax. The active ingredient, carbamide peroxide, works by releasing the power of oxygen inside the ear to break-up ear wax so it can move naturally out of the ear.

Surfaces only to be cleaned with detergent impregnated wipes, do not use any alcohol based cleaners.

Suction Machine
Surfaces to be cleaned with detergent impregnated wipes, do not use any alcohol based cleaners. To clean the suction cannister and tubes fill a small container with 500ml of diluted detergent, turn on the machine and suction the detergent through the lines and let it deposit into the cannister. Remove the cannister and wash in the dirty sink. Fill with 200ml of tap water ready for the next day.
Ear Toilet Basic Brochure
Alltion AM 3000 Microscope Series Brochure
Alltion YSX101 Microscope Brochure
Alltion AMP8000 Series Microscope Brochure
Suctions Unit Tongye MC600 Brochure
Suction Controllers and Tubes
Clear Ears Learning Brochure
Ear Microscope and Suction Pump

User Manuals
Alltion AM4000 Series Microscope User Manual

Assembly Guides
Alltion YSX101 Microscope Assembly Guide
Alltion YSX101 Microscope Tightening the Spring Arm

Cleaning Instructions
Suction Unit Tongye MC600 Cleaning Instructions
FAQs_Ear Toilet

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