Tongye Phlegm Suction Pump YDX100M35A

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Phlegm Suction Pump from Tongye is Oil Free and Maintenance Free with Piston Pump, Stable and Durable with Lower Noise, Automatic Over Flow Protection.


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Phlegm Suction Pump from Tongye

Phlegm Suction Pump YDX-100M-35A is usually used in absorbing purulent matter blood phlegm and extravasate of patients in emergency center or surgery operation. This product has been passed ISO9001 & ISO13485 Quality System Authority and CE certificate approved.


Suction pump features:

Oil Free and maintenance free with piston pump

Stability and durability with lower noise

Automatic over flow protection

Poly carbonate bottle

Convenient for surgery operation as foot switch


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Max. Vacuum: -0.09MPa
Adjustable scale of vacuum: -0.01MPa- -0.09MPa
Vacuum display: Vacuum meter
Suction rate: ≥35L/min
Power Source: AC220v±10/50Hz±2%
Power Consumption: ≤150VA+15%
Noise: ≤55dB(A)
Collection jar: 2L×2(Optional 1L,3L)
Net weight: 20kg
Dimensions: 960×500×460mm
Phlegm Suction Pump Tongye YDX100M35A Brochure

Additional Information

Weight20 kg
Dimensions96 × 50 × 46 cm

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