Tongye Suction Unit AC 240V Powered MC600A

$649.00 Excl. GST

The MC600A Suction Unit is a high quality AC powered suction unit featuring step less suction adjustment, overflow protection and antibacterial filter. This unit is suitable for many applications such as aural micro suction, resuscitation and home care.

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Tongye Suction Unit MC600A

Tongye Suction Unit Mc600A

Suction Unit Features

High vacuum, high flow, oil free vacuum pump

Antibacterial filter

Anti-overflow Protection Device

Lower noise, stepless vacuum adjustment

Multi-function Deployment Optional

AC Power Supply

12 Month Warranty

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Laerdal Kit Content Tongye Suction Unit 600A
Max free air flow rate: 20L/min
Max. Vacuum: 0.8bar/600mmHg
Power consumption: ≤ 120VA
Display usage: Vacuum meter(model A), LCD(model B)
Power source: AC220V
Noise: ≤ 55dB(A)
Collection bottle: 1L (Disposable Bag, Collection Jar Optional)
Weight: 4.9kg
Dimensions: 360× 180× 300mm
Tongye MC600 Suction Unit Brochure

User Manual
Tongye MC600 Suction Unit User Manual

Cleaning Instructions
Suction Unit Tongye MC600 Cleaning Instructions

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