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Syringe & Infusion Pumps

Smart syringe and infusion pump systems from Zone Medical are supplied by MedCaptain Medical Technology Co Ltd, a specialist in innovative infusion technology equipment since 2011. MedCaptain has been granted over 80 patents as well as the copyrights to multiple software applications. Their syringe and infusion pumps are used in over 90 countries located on the continents of North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America.

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Smart syringe pumps are becoming increasingly popular in dental clinics for the safe
administration of sedatives. Lock systems mean complex pharmacological care can be an option for certified home care services. Clinicians can perform effective sedation,
anaesthesia and therapeutic drug administration through the use of computer software integrated into the syringe or infusion pump unit. Carefully researched and approved algorithms control the dose of any drug within the software’s drug library. Programmed infusion, patient-controlled infusion and target-controlled systems increase the safety of drug administration and significantly reduce the risk of human error.

Our decision to supply MedCaptain equipment has allowed us to offer their MP900 Infusion CMS, a prescription scanning workstation which gives nursing staff the opportunity to remotely and safely administer over 5,000 drugs without needing to edit information on the pump itself – a time-consuming task. Each CMS system can monitor up to 3810 pumps. Infusion therapy data is added to digital nursing records where easy viewing contributes to the best quality in hospitalised patient care.

Such software requires the highest standards of connectivity and devices - a feature found in every one of our MedCaptain syringe and infusion pumps. Other specifications include complete waterproof systems, patented driving technology, multiple sensors for the performance of real-time integrated intelligent monitoring, and reduced pressure should occlusion occur, preventing accidental overdose. Wireless, stackable pumps can be slotted onto a tower for intensive care and operating theatre use. Another feature most definitely worth mentioning is the lighter weight of the MedCaptain intravenous administration series. Low device weight results in less joint strain injuries in nursing populations of busy critical care departments, as well as lower rates of damage and repair to infusion pump or syringe pump stocks.

The Zone Medical syringe and infusion pump range complies with top hospital accreditation standards such as those required for Joint Commission International (JCI) membership and all appropriate International Organization for Standardization (ISO) specifications.

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