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Giving Set without Infusion Needle – Multigate

$4.39 Excl. GST

Giving Set without Infusion Needle – Multigate – A Giving Set or Infusion Set compatible with any Syringe Driver or Infusion Pump.

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MedCaptain SYS 3011 Syringe Pump

Features three injection modes with double CPU application and 2 independent alarms to detect occlusions, and to allow for safe administration at all times. The SYS3011 syringe pump is easy to operate with clear user-friendly interfaces & consummate software.

MedCaptain SYS 6010 Infusion Pump

A smart and accurate infusion device that uses a unique motorised door mechanism and automatic anti-free-flow clamp. It features touchscreen operation, various infusion modes and allows for continuous titration to be easily adapted to various clinical departments and a variety of special drugs. Wi-Fi option available.

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Product Description

Giving Set without Infusion Needle – Multigate

Giving Set without Infusion Needle is designed to be compatible with any syringe and infusion pump.

This giving set does not include a needle.

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