MedCaptain MP60 Infusion Pump


A smart and easy to use syringe driver that combines 3 to 15 pumps. Featuring night mode, barcode scanning and voice communication this device has multiple infusion modes, a dose error reduction Ssystem and a unique operation panel to facilitate observation of medicine infusion.

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MedCaptain Infusion Pump MP60

MedCaptain Infusion Pump Features:

Supports all infusion sets in compliance with international standards. Automatic infusion accuracy adjustment. Multiple infusion modes. With infusion workstation you can operate in cascade connection infusion. Wi-fi data transmission functions with Infusion Central Monitoring System (ICMS). Multiple Powers: AC Power Supply, DC Power Supply, and built in battery.

Features & Functions:

Accurate infusion

Reliable and safe

Easy to Use

Motorized Door Mechanism

Wifi Networking

Motorized Anti-free Flow Mechanism

Voice Communication

Night Mode

Barcode Scanning

Automatic Maintenance Reminder

Multiple Infusion Modes

Dual-CPU Design



Smart and Easy to Use.

Over 10 patents.

Innovative touchscreen with multiple background colours for selection.

Plug-in and modular design: 3 to 15 pumps can be combined optionally to meet various clinical needs.

Multiple infusion modes.

Safe and accurate infusion.

Dose error reduction system.

Double CPU Design, two way independent sound-light alarm.

Automatic pump door.

Automatic anti-free-flow system.

Total squeezing peristaltic system pump

MedCaptain Infusion Pump Brochure

Calibrate New IV Set on MP60

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