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MedCaptain SYS 3011 Syringe Pump

$985.80 Excl. GST

Features three injection modes with double CPU application and 2 independent alarms to detect occlusions, and to allow for safe administration at all times. The SYS3011 syringe pump is easy to operate with clear user-friendly interfaces & consummate software.


Giving Set without Infusion Needle - Multigate -
Pack of 5 Giving Set or Infusion Set compatible with any Syringe Driver or Infusion Pump.

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Product Description

Syringe Pump / Syringe Driver MedCaptain SYS 3011 

Easy operation: The SYS 30 Syringe Pump is designed to meet the customer requirements sufficiently. With easy operations, clear user-friendly interfaces, and consummate software and hardware design, the SYS 30 Syringe pump tends to be smarter. The complex smart design brings easy operations. 

Safe & Reliable: The complex smart design brings easy operations.
Safety and reliability: The Medcaptain SYS3011 is based on the IEC/CEN standard and in accordance with the rules of the FDA guide. It has a patent accurate transmission mechanism, more internal monitoring sensors & a sealing waterproof mechanism.

Safe & Easy Syringe Pump


  • This syringe pump is designed with consummate and easy man-machine operation interfaces.
  • The patent transmission mechanism brings a stable infusion.
  • The fine 16-Microstep driving technology of step motor brings a more accurate flow rate.
  • It has 11 sensors to perform real-time integrated intelligent monitoring, which brings a reliable infusion.
  • It has 13 positions with waterproof design to guarantee safe infusion.
  • The pump can automatically reduce the pressure in case of occlusion, which prevents overdose infusion.

Need an infusion pump
Check out the Medcaptain SYS6010

Kit Contents Specifications
Power supply: AC power supply AC 100-240V,
Built-in battery: lithium battery 11.1 V 1800 mAh
Time of continuous use: no less than 8 hours
Compatible syringes: 10mL, 20mL, 30mL, and 50(60)mL
Infusion setting range: 0.1-2000.0 mL/h; 0.1 mL/h increments
Total volume display: 0.1-9999.9mL
Accuracy: Mechanical accuracy: ±1%; Accuracy including syringe: ±2%
KVO rate: 0.1mL/h
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Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight310 kg
Dimensions28 × 21.5 × 24.5 cm

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