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MedCaptain SYS 6010 Infusion Pump

$1,216.80 Excl. GST

A smart and accurate infusion device that uses a unique motorised door mechanism and automatic anti-free-flow clamp. It features touchscreen operation, various infusion modes and allows for continuous titration to be easily adapted to various clinical departments and a variety of special drugs. Wi-Fi option available.


Giving Set without Infusion Needle - Multigate -
Pack of 5 Giving Set or Infusion Set compatible with any Syringe Driver or Infusion Pump.

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Product Description

Infusion Pump MedCaptain SYS6010

Infusion Pump Features:

Accurate infusion

Reliable and safe

Easy- to-use

Motorized Door Mechanism

Wi-Fi networking

Motorized Anti-Free Flow Mechanism

Voice communication

Night mode

Barcode scanning

Automatic maintenance reminder

Multiple infusion modes

Dual-CPU design


High values


More than Accurate

Automatic pump door mechanism: MedCaptain’s unique design patents include an unique motorised door mechanism and automatic anti-free-ow clamp amongst other things.

The door opens when the corresponding button in pressed lightly.

Dual CPU and two-channel alarm operation display and motor control are implemented by two CPUs who work independently to ensure real-time control and data reliability.

(Pictured, Drop Sensor is optional)

Easy To Use

Touch Screen operation: Making clinical use faster and more convenient.

Various Infusion Modes: Adapted for Various clinical departments and a variety of special drugs.


Information Network

Continuous titration: Changing the flow-rate during infusion without stopping the infusion.

Internal Wi-Fi module enables the pump to connect to MP-900 directly for centralised monitoring of infusion. (Optional)

Or connect to CIS or HIS system to integrate clinical data.

Voice Communication: The built-in voice system makes up the traditional nurse call system and enables medical staff to respond to an infusion problem in time. (Pictured, Nurse call is an optional feature)

Looking for a stackable pump? Check our MedCaptain Infusion Pump MP60.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight250 kg
Dimensions41.5 × 23.6 × 16.8 cm

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