MedCaptain SYS-50 Syringe Driver


MedCaptain’s SYS-50 Syringe Driver is a simple and safe IV Infusion Device used to regulate and automate syringe administration. It features continuous titration, a responsive and clear 3.5” touch screen and an open design to allow constant observation.

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MedCaptain SYS-50 Syringe Driver | Safe, Smart, and Simplified

Medcaptain Sys 50 Syringe Driver Side View
  • 3.5″ Touch Screen Operated
    Easier To Read and Control Parameters

  • Continous Titration
    Change Flow Rate During An Infusion Without Interruption

  • Drive Head Protection Design
    Easy and Safe To Transport – Avoids Bolus If Pump Is Dropped

  • Ingress Protection of IP24
    Splash Resistant and Suitable To Various Kinds Of Environments

  • Large Capacity Lithium-Ion Battery
    Run Uninterrupted For Up To 20 Consecutive Hours On One Charge

  • Pre-Occlusion Alarm System
    Warn Clinical Personnel Prior To Occlusion Alarm, Ensuring Safe Infusion

  • Tube Management System
    A standard fitted side clamp will prevent any infusion tubes from becoming entangled and enhance the infusion overview and control.

  • Open Design
    Fast and Convenient. The syringe position at the front of the device allows for constant observation of the remaining liquid in the syringe.

Ambulance Ready

Ambulance EN 1789 Standard Certified and Guaranteed To Provide Stable Infusion During Transportation

Wireless Connectivity

The devices have an optional built in WiFi Module. Both devices can connect via WLAN or LAN Connection. (Wirelessly or Directly Into The Model With An Ethernet Cable) to any HIS (Hospital Information System).

They are connected to MedCaptain MP-900 Infusion Central Monitoring System to implement centralised monitoring of all infusions. All SYS Series Pumps can also access the CIS (Clinical Information System) and HIS (Hospital Information System) for clinical data integration.

Syringe Driver Sys-50 52 70 Medcaptain Connectivity
Queensland Ambulance
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