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Ultrasonic Cleaners

From renowned brands including Sonica, GT Sonic and Genesis, our range of ultrasonic cleaners remove foreign contaminants using high-frequency and high-intensity sound waves. Ultrasonic cleaners decontaminate complex objects, penetrating through cracks or holes to clean every minutely accessible surface. For this reason, the medical sector has long approved the use of ultrasonic cleaning machines for the pre-sterilisation process of reusable medical instruments.

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This method also prolongs expensive instrument life by removing dried residues responsible for the gradual stiffening or sticking of hinges and other small moving parts. Ultrasonic cleaners negate the need for preparatory hand scrubbing, leaving staff free to complete other tasks and also protecting them from contact with sharp blades or points, blood, tissues and hazardous chemicals or irritants.

Zone Medical supplies a variety of ultrasonic cleaner sizes with capacities ranging from 2 litres to 28 litres. Primarily used to clean contaminated surgical instruments and laboratory apparatus, the availability and pricing of modern ultrasound cleaners has led to a rapidly expanding market. Current users of ultrasound cleaners include (but are certainly not limited to) jewellers, coin collectors, electronic equipment and computer repairers, printers, gun owners, SCUBA divers and engineers.

For medical facilities, dentists and laboratories, we supply models that offer auto-degas
functions, frequency tracking, simple to follow instructions and an innovative Sweep system comprising of different ultrasonic wave frequencies for cleaning programmes of up to 99 minutes. Larger capacity ultrasonic cleaner tanks are provided with a drainage valve for easy emptying of your choice of alkaline, neutral or acidic cleaning solution.

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