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Edan Acclarix AX8 Diagnostic Ultrasound System

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Within its sleek footprint, the AX8 is a fully featured, premium performance diagnostic ultrasound system with advanced imaging technologies!

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Acclarix AX8 Diagnostic Ultrasound System

Redefining Innovation Through Value and Performance of the Diagnostic Ultrasound

Within its sleek footprint, the AX8 is a fully featured, premium performance diagnostic ultrasound system with advanced imaging technologies, dual touch screens and a gesture-control user interface.

A full suite of next-generation transducers supports a wide range of clinical applications.

Highly portable you can take the system anywhere it is needed.

The Acclarix AX8 has been designed from the ground up with a relentless focus on delivering unexpected levels of innovation & performance at a price point that is equally surprising!

Edan Acclarix AX8 Diagnostic Ultrasound System
Acclarix AX8 Images

Stunning Clarity for a portable Diagnostic Ultrasound

Definitive Image Quality
Sleek design & user friendly features are just part of the story. The Acclarix AX8 is also designed to deliver amazing clarity & stunning image quality quickly – eliminating the need to tweak imaging controls.

  • High fidelity, high channel count architecture results in superb detail resolution, particularly at depth
  • Tissue Adaptive Imaging (TAI) continuously & automatically optimizes imaging allowing more focus on the patient
    -In B-mode, TAI fine tunes multiple parameters to provide the best possible image quality
    -In Doppler, TAI automatically adjusts for flow state providing improved continuity, border detection & fill-in

The Virtue of Value

How can Edan deliver so much innovation & so much value? By capitalizing on the experience & expertise of a truly global enterprise. The Acclarix Diagnostic Ultrasound technology is the result of Silicon Valley innovation & engineering excellence combined with Chinese design & manufacturing proficiency.

The Acclarix AX8 delivers unmatched value & performance across a broad range of applications.

  • Abdomen
  • Breast
  • Prostate
  • Difficult to Image
  • Nerve
  • Vascular
  • OB/GYN
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Cardiac Screening
  • Small Parts
  • Intraoperative
A Clear Vision

A clear vision

Ultrasound reimagined

Born of a vision to deliver meaningful design innovations that benefit the user, the Acclarix AX8 features a host of design breakthroughs that make day to day operation easy, fast & intuitive. The result is an elegant simplicity where form & function meet at the tips of your fingers.

  • Unparalleled image quality with one-key optimisation for all exams & all modes
  • Innovative gesture control user interface sets a new standard in workflow
  • Tilt & swivel, HD monitor for optimal viewing
  • Completely sealed control panel to aid in maintaining infection control
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Technical Specifications
Acclarix AX8 Datasheet-1.1
Edan Acclarix AX8 Brochure

User Manual
Edan Acclarix AX8 Basic User Manual

AX8 Probe sheet