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Portable Ultrasound Machine Linear Colour Doppler

$6,999.00 Excl. GST

Ultrasound on Android Device.

PA10 is an extremely portable ultrasound system, which never compromises the image quality and the power efficiency. PA10 redefines the standard for handheld ultrasound. It will be an affordable visual stethoscope for every clinician.

Main Features:

  • Quality Imaging
  • Simple Connectivity
  • Enhanced visualization
  • Dynamic depth resolution, uniform imaging
  • On site USB Ultrasound
  • MSK, vascular, small parts, endocrinology
  • Use in the hospitals, at the office, the patient’s home

Product Description

Portable Ultrasound Machine Linear Colour Doppler

App based portable ultrasound machine, ready to use anywhere, anytime for point of care, faster diagnosis and patient care.

iTrason is an extremely portable ultrasound device which never compromises image quality and power efficiency. The iTrason PA10 redefines the standard for handheld ultrasound devices.

It will be an affordable visual stethoscope for every clinician.

Portable Ultrasound machine on Android Devices.

  • Easy to Use
  • Innovative, high quality imaging solution
  • Lightweight
  • Simple operation
Portable Ultrasound Machine
Portable Ultrasound Creative Imaging

Creative Imaging Technologies

High Performance and remarkable image quality: iTrason Ultrasound deploys creative imaging technology that provides high quality visualization for easier diagnosis.

A 64-channel software beamformer is based on the least channel number of hardware in the world.

  • Minimum weight: 120g
  • Minimum power consumption: 1.4W

New Beamforming vs Traditional Beamforming

New Beamforming vs Traditional

Easy to use Portable Ultrasound Device

  • Gesture control
  • Almost full screen image display
  • Only essential controls

Versatile Applications

Transducers cover a full range of general applications.

  • L10-5S: L=25mm, 6~14MHz
  • L10-5: L=38mm, 5-10MHz
  • C5-2: R=60mm, 2-5MHz
Exceptional lightweight innovative & portable ultrasound machine on your smartphones and handheld devices
  • USB probe with 128 elements deliver high image quality
  • Color Doppler function
  • PW and CF+B model simultaneously function
  • Latest image technique
Ultra Lightweight

Check out the Black & White Convex & Linear Dual Ultrasound

*Android device not included*

Kit Contents Specifications
Product ModelProbe ModelTypeDescriptionIntended Use
PA10LUL10-5Linear ArrayColor doppler
Central Frequency 7.5 MHz
Small orgen
Peripheral vessel
Nerve exam
PA10CUC5-2Convex Array (R=15mm)Black & White doppler
Central frequency 3.5MHz
Urology abdominal
Peripheral vessel
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