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Vein Finder

Vein finders or vein detectors significantly increase venipuncture success through the easy visualisation of superficial venous blood vessels. Zone Medical supplies pocket sized handheld vein finders which implement near-infrared light to accurately pinpoint vein position, size and patency. Our range of vein finder devices and accessories includes fixed desk-mounted stands or mobile rolling stands for hands-free venipuncture assistance.

The use of vein finders is common in a wide variety of clinical settings. For paramedics and emergency doctors, immediate observation of vein patency means fluid replacement and intravenous therapies can be more rapidly initiated. Physicians and nursing staff are able to offer better quality patient care, with patients much less likely to suffer stress and discomfort when the healthcare worker draws blood or places an intravenous catheter. Subsequently, vein finders raise the confidence of both clinician and patient even in terms of renal patients, vascular patients, those with dark skin tones, the elderly and the morbidly obese. Vein detectors are also used during cosmetic procedures as they lower the risk of bruising and are similarly found in paediatric settings - venipuncture in children is rarely a simple task. In addition, medical and nursing students can practice their technique on real patients with confidence.

Our range of best reviewed vein detection devices are proven performers, offering
enhanced modes for narrow or deep veins and multiple options for clearer viewing. Zone Medical vein finders can be used either as handheld devices or hands-free when mounted on a separately available stand. Touch controls with easy to use and navigate buttons not only adjust mode of use but also brightness, view-field size and colour choice. Rapid-charging infra-red vein finders from Zone Medical mean one-stick venipuncture for every patient, in any setting.

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