Vein Finders

Vein Finders

Vein finders or vein detectors significantly increase venipuncture success through the easy visualisation of superficial venous blood vessels. Zone Medical supplies pocket sized handheld vein finders which implement near-infrared light to accurately pinpoint vein position, size and patency.

The device emits near-infrared light (NIR) onto the body and interprets the light reflected back by surrounding tissue. It then projects an image onto the body in real-time to highlight the veins. With a map of the patient’s veins clearly displayed in front of you, getting a good, clean puncture is vastly simplified.

Our range of vein finder devices and accessories includes fixed desk-mounted stands or mobile rolling stands for hands-free venipuncture assistance.
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VeinSight VS500 Veinfinder Hand Held with Charger

VeinSight Vein Finder VS500 Near Infrared Handheld with Charger
$6,495.00 Excl. GST   $7,144.50 Incl. GST

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