Vein Finder Navi60 Medcaptain

$4,999.00 Excl. GST

Provides real-time images of veins upon a patients skin, reducing risk and stress to both professionals and patients. This device is easily portable, features 5 different colours to suit varying skin types and includes a depth indicator.

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Vein Finder Navi60 by Medcaptain

Vein Finder Navi60 by Medcaptain – Providing a real time accurate image of the surface of the skin, helping medical professionals verify the status of veins and reducing the risk of venipuncture. 

With the help of Navi-60, healthcare professionals may gain the benefit of reduce costs, improvement of infection control and improvement of patient safety & satisfaction.

  • Real time image displayed on the skin
  • Portable & can be used with a battery
  • Lightweight – suitable for use without a mobile or fixed mount
  • Detect veins on the hand, face & feet.
  • Can be used with mobile or fixed mount for hands free operation.
Medcaptain Navi-60 Vein Illuminator
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Venipuncture – a universal lead

What? Venipuncture – the puncture of a vein as part of a medical procedure, typically to withdraw a blood sample or for an intravenous injection.
How often? It is the most common invasive medical procedure. 
Why? Diagnostic tests, including blood tests inform 70% of medical decisions. Intravenous (IV) lines are placed in approximately 90% of hospital patients. 

There is an universal need for venipuncture!

Venipuncture – a key challenge

Challenges includes;

  • Gaining venous access relies mainly on a healthcare professional’s ability to palpate (touch & feel) the veins underneath the skin.
  • Failed venipuncture has many causes, many of which relate to the ability to clearly locate veins under the skins surface.
    Eg: age, obesity & skin colour
  • Such factors contribute to failure rates in venipuncture
Vein Finder Navi60 Medcaptain Causes Of Failed Venipuncture

Technology backed by clinical results

Vein Finder Navi60 Medcaptain Results

Application Departments for the Vein Finder Navi60

Vein Finder Navi60 Medcaptain Applications
  • Paediatrics
By speeding up the vein finding process and providing a colourful and futuristic distraction the Navi-60 can reduce the anxiety felt by children and their families (and the medical professional).  This can be done while also reducing the opportunity for errors that may arise due to human error, difficult patients, and “baby fat” found on young children. 
  • Oncology
MedCaptain Navi-60 Vein Illuminator’s ability to help find veins under the skin anywhere on the body means that for patients whose options for successful access are limited due to  medication, repeated infusions, and procedures. 
  • Vascular Surgery
Can help medical professionals with sclerotherapy procedures for treating spider telangiectasia and vein stripping.
  • Laboratory work
MedCaptain Navi-60 Vein Illuminator provides quick access to the IV in laboratory settings when collecting blood samples and thus speeding up blood testing turnaround time and increasing patients’ satisfaction.

Vein Finder Navi60 by Medcaptain is…

  • Portable – Hand held type Vein Illuminator, easy to carry, non-contact to patient.
  • Colourful – Great image with 5 different colours as optional for different skin types.
  • A Depth Indicator – The depth of the vein with be detected and show on the side.
Vein Finder Navi60 Medcaptain
Vein Finder Navi60 Medcaptain Mounts

5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1

5 Colours
4 Brightness Levels
3 Window Sizes
2 Special Modes
1 Screen

Vein Finder Navi60 Medcaptain Colours
Vein Finder Navi60 Medcaptain Brightness Levels

Advantages of purchasing the Vein Finder Navi60​

Depth Indicator
The depth of the vein will be detected & shown on the side

Vein Finder Navi60 Medcaptain Depth Indicator

Colour Inverse Mode
Colour of the vein & background can be inversed

Vein Finder Navi60 Medcaptain Colour Inversed

Operation Screen
Gives a quick view to your current settings

Vein Finder Navi60 Medcaptain Operation Screen

4th Generation Device – Vein Illuminator

  • Vein Illuminator projects near-infrared (no radiation) light which is absorbed by blood & reflected by surrounding tissue.
  • This information is captured & processed by the device.
  • Finally the shape & position will be projected in real time directly onto the surface of the skin.
Vein Finder Navi60 Medcaptain Vein Illuminator How It Works

Not quite suitable?
Check out our Vein Finder Range

Kit Content VEIN NAVI 60
Resolution720 X 576 Pixels
Image Light13-25 Lumens
4 Adjustable Brightness Level
Penetrate Depth (MM)0 - 6MM Detection
No Up Limit
Best Imaging Distance210MM ± 30MM
Colour5 Colours - Red, Green, Pink, Blue & White
Colour of the vein can be inversed
Display Size3 Adjustable Levels
Battery Power Supply Time (Min)No less than 2.5 Hours
Battery Charge Time (H)No longer than 4 Hours
Handheld AbilityYes
Operation ScreenShow remaining battery level, current colour & current display size
Vein Depth DetectionYes
Charge during operationYes
LanguageEnglish & Chinese
Size224 (W) x 68 (H) x 64 (D)mm
Vein Finder VeinNavi60 by Medcaptain Introduction
Vein Navi60 Flyer

MedCaptain Vein Finder Navi60 Manual

Additional Information

Weight 1.66 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 15.5 cm

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