VeinSight Vein Finder VS500 Near Infrared Handheld with Charger

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Winner of the Germany Red Dot design award, the VeinSight VS500 Near-Infrared Vein Finder uses near-infrared light coupled with the latest vein visualisation technology and a unique digital image processing system to accurately portray a superimposed real-time two-dimensional image of the veins.

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Veinsight Vs500 Vein Finder

Vein Finder VeinSight VS500

Winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2020, VeinSight Vein Finder VS500 provides real time accurate visualisation of superimposed two-dimensional image of veins and prevents errors during venipuncture procedures.

Enhanced Features

Veinsight Vs500 Vein Finder Features
Veinsight Vs500 Vein Finder In Use

Precise Vein Locating

VeinSight Vein Finder VS500 and VS400 Comparison Table

Brightness Level
5 Degree Brightness
3 Degree Brightness
Depth Mode
Distance Sensor & Hint
Vein Image Storage & Export
Data Transfer USB Port
Chargeable in Stand
Auto Wake

Vein Finder Applications

The VeinSight™ vein finder can display a map of the vasculature on the surface of the skin in real time, allowing clinicians to verify vein patency during venipuncture procedures or vascular procedures and avoid valves or bifurcations in cosmetic procedures.



At the time of venipuncture, the vascular imaging apparatus can effectively help the medical staff to find, discover, evaluate superficial venous blood vessels, and evaluate the quality of the puncture.


Medical Cosmetology

When the cosmetic needle is injected, the vascular imaging device can effectively help the medical personnel to achieve accurate injection of the drug and prevent facial vein blood vessels of the beauty patient from being damaged.


Varicose Veins

In the treatment of varicose veins, the vascular imaging apparatus can effectively help the medical staff to observe the veins of the lesions and follow the treatment process, greatly improving the treatment efficiency of the medical staff and improving the customer satisfaction.

Patients using Vein Finder

VeinSight™Vein finder works for all body types and skin tones

Vein Finder Illumination Infant


Children’s blood vessels are thin and difficult to find with the naked eye. The VeinSightTM Vascular Imager helps doctors and nurses find children’s veins.

Vein Finder Illumination Senior Hand


The older skin is loose and the blood vessel elasticity is poor. VeinSightTM angiography can accurately determine the position and direction of blood vessels and help medical personnel find the most suitable blood vessels for puncture.


Cancer Patient

Because of long-term infusion, excessive pinholes, and poor perfusion rates in tumor patients, the VeinSightTM vascular imaging device can help medical personnel find venous blood vessels that are suitable for puncture and have good blood flow.


Puffy Patient

The position and orientation of blood vessels in patients with edema are difficult to judge with the naked eye, and with the aid of the VeinSightTM vascular imager, the blood vessels are clearly visible.

Vein Finder Illumination Dark Skinned

Dark-Skinned Patients

Patients with dark skin have poor contrast between blood vessels and epidermis, and are difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. VeinSightTM vascular imaging can clearly detect the blood vessels of dark-skinned patients.


Skin Disease, Scar Patients

Dermatosis, scars in patients with blood vessels in the affected area difficult to identify the eye, VeinSightTM vascular imaging can help medical staff to quickly locate and locate the veins of such patients.

Applicable Departments

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Light Type: Near-infrared light
Best Projection Distance: 180-220mm
Dimensions: 210mmx60mmx60mm(LxWxH)
Continuous Run Time: 5 Hours
Operating Mode: Handheld, suspensions, desktop stand

Vascular imaging instrument

Improves the success rate of the first venipuncture
Reduces puncture costs
Improves patient satisfaction, reduces the pressure on medical staff, and improves the status quo of medical disputes caused by failed puncture.

A variety of optional brackets

Mobile stand
Desktop stand
Fixed Stand

New and Improved functionality

VS500 won the Red Dot Awards 2020 in Product Design and Innovative Product. Compared to the VS400, the performance of the VS500 increased by more than 30%. The new depth mode allows us to view veins in-depth and with high accuracy.

Personalised display options

Enhanced recognition mode specifically developed for thinner or deeper vessels.
Power-saving sleep mode, battery fast charge, long battery life

Excellent charging solution

Pedestal in-line fast charge program, the instrument charge faster, more secure and more reliable.

Vein Finder VeinSight VS500 Image Viewer Download

Vein Finder VeinSight VS500 Brochure 1
Vein Finder VeinSight VS500 Brochure 2
Vein Finder VeinSight VS500 and VS400 Product Comparison Brochure
Vein Finder VeinSight VS500 Red Dot Award 2020

Quick Start Video
Vein Finder VeinSight VS500 Quick Start Video

Additional Information

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Dimensions 21 × 6 × 6 cm

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