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Bladder Scanners

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Bladder Scanners

A bladder scanner is a medical device used to non-invasively measure the volume of urine in the bladder. It is commonly used in hospitals, clinics, aged care faclities and other medical settings to assess and monitor the urinary function of patients, particularly those with urinary retention or other bladder related problems.

The bladder scanner typically uses ultrasound technology to measure the bladder volume. The device is placed on the lower abdomen of the patient, and a small amount of gel is applied to the skin to improve the transmission of ultrasound waves. The device then emits high-frequency sound waves that bounce off the bladder walls and create an image of the bladder on a monitor. The bladder volume is calculated based on the dimensions of the bladder image.

Some common features of a typical bladder scanner include:

Portable design – The bladder scanner is typically lightweight and easy to carry, making it convenient for use in various clinical settings.

User-friendly interface – The device usually features a user-friendly interface that allows healthcare professionals to operate the device easily and obtain accurate measurements.

Accurate measurement – The bladder scanner can provide accurate measurements of bladder volume within a few seconds, which can help healthcare professionals make informed decisions about patient care.

Overall, the bladder scanner is a valuable tool for assessing and monitoring urinary function in patients. It is non-invasive, quick, and easy to use, making it a convenient alternative to invasive methods such as catheterization.

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