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Infusion Pumps

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Infusion Pumps

Zone Medical is the Master Importer and Australian representative for Medcaptain’s popular range of infusion pumps.

Every single pump is rigorously tested to pass stringent IP24 / IP34 protection ratings against dust and liquid damage ensuring peace of mind with reliability for the end user.

Infusion pumps have greatly improved the safety and effectiveness of medical treatments that require the administration of fluids or medications. They have become an essential tool in modern healthcare and have made a significant impact on patient care.

Medcaptains range of Infusion Pumps can be Calibrated with any giving set or range of consumables preventing any need to change consumable brands. Medcaptain pumps can be programmed to deliver fluids and medications at a specific rate, volume, and duration. This allows healthcare providers to precisely control the amount of medication or fluid that a patient receives, which can be critical for certain treatments.

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