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Infusion Therapy

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Infusion Therapy

Infusion therapy, also known as IV (intravenous) therapy, is a medical treatment in which fluids, medications, or nutrients are delivered directly into a patient’s bloodstream through a vein. This method allows for rapid delivery of medication or nutrients, bypassing the digestive system and allowing for a more efficient and targeted treatment.

Infusion therapy is used for a variety of medical conditions, including dehydration, infections, cancer, autoimmune diseases, and chronic pain. It is also commonly used for patients who are unable to take medications orally or who require more immediate and effective treatment.

Infusion therapy can be administered in a hospital setting, outpatient clinic, or at home with the help of a trained healthcare professional. The type and duration of the infusion therapy will depend on the specific condition being treated and the patient’s individual needs. Common types of infusion therapy include saline solution, antibiotics, chemotherapy drugs, and biologic therapies.

While infusion therapy can be highly effective, it is not without risks. Potential complications include infection, allergic reactions, bleeding, and damage to the veins. Patients should always discuss the potential benefits and risks of any medical treatment with their healthcare provider.

Zone Medical offers a fleet of Infusion Pumps and Syringe Drivers from market leader Medcaptain (who manufacture for Penlon and Baxter), one of the most reliable and fastest growing companies dedicated to manufacturing quality infusion therapy.
Medcaptains product range is suitable for all applications including Ambulance (EN 1789), Aged Care, Hospitals, Hospices, Day Hospitals, Emergency, GP’s and Vets.

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