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Suction & Irrigation

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Suction & Irrigation

A medical suction device is a device used to remove mucus, saliva, or other liquids from a person’s airways during medical procedures or to remove ear wax and treat ear infection via a procedure called Microsuction. It works by creating a low level of vacuum pressure which draws in the liquid through a tube. Medical suction devices are commonly used during surgery, tracheal suctioning, treating pneumonia, ear wax removal and for other medical treatments where access to the airways is difficult.

Zone Medical concentrates on the supply of battery-operated and electrical suction units. Our top portable suction unit models are found in multiple medical environments and departments: mobile emergency medical services, operating theatres, dental clinics, day clinics, recovery rooms, medium and intensive care units, surgical and internal medicine wards, neurology, respiratory and gastroenterology departments, pediatric units, foreign and national medical aid facilities, and home nursing and home care settings. Zone Medical also supplies certified sterile suction tubes for use in surgical, out-patient or home care procedures.

Microsuction is an extremely popular medical procedure which utilizes a special suction pump to quickly and safely remove earwax or other debris from the ear canal. It is a non-invasive method of cleaning the ears and is considered to be an effective and safe treatment, especially compared to ear syringing for earwax buildup or blockages.

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