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Cryotherapy Devices

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Cryotherapy Devices

Zone Medical is proud to offer the latest in Cryotherapy Pen Technology, the CryoIQ Derma Plus and the CryoIQ PRO. Using patented technology, the highly portable CryoIQ range is considered to be one of the most precise, safe and affordable methods of delivering cryotherapy treatment available in the market today.

The CryoIQ devices use state-of-the-art cooling technology and an extremely effective Nitris Oxide delivery system that excludes the requirement of handling any potentially dangerous gases or liquids. The patented design also ensures no unexpected leaks, even when changing cartridges. Not only is the CryoIQ considered one of the safest and most portable methods of cryosurgery available it is also one of the most cost effective. No leaks or evaporation means no waste, and at an average cost of just 1 dollar per treatment the cryoIQ is often the cheaper and safer option for cryotherapy requirements.

The freezing of the tissue by the direct application makes the procedure safe, efficient and fast. The freezing temperature (-89 degrees C) will destroy cells in the target tissue, the accuracy will avoid the destruction of adjacent healthy tissue. With numerous models and a multitude of variable application tips the CryoIQ is suitable for use within a huge range of applications including: general practice, vets, aesthetic, beauty, podiatry, pediatrics, gynaecology and many more.

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