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Spirometer Mouthpieces & Filters

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Spirometer Mouthpieces & Filters

Specialising in supplying the MIR Spirometers, Zone Medical supplies spirometry mouthpieces & filters to suit. We supply the MIR FlowMIR Disposable turbines which includes a cardboard mouthpiece & has been individually factory calibrated with a computerised system and packaged individually.

Pros of using a disposable system include the following;

  • does not need Calibration, is factory pre-calibrated and ready to use
  • does not need Disinfection, is 100% hygienic, sealed in the factory
  • does not need other consumables as it includes the mouthpiece
  • is totally cross contamination free

If a disposable system isn’t what you are looking, we also supply reusable turbines to be used with cardboard or plastic spirometry mouthpieces. The Reusable Turbine is manufactured with high-tech materials including special alloys and synthetic sapphires‚ for durability while retaining the features of reproducibility and accuracy. Even after many years of use.

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