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Diagnostic Equipment

Every medical professional knows the value of accurate diagnostics specific to his or her area of expertise. To this end, Zone Medical has brought together a broad selection of medical diagnostic equipment for general practitioners, paediatricians, ophthalmologists, dermatologists, neurologists, ENT specialists and countless other clinical specialties.

Zone Medical is a one-stop supplier for every medical specialism, providing high-quality hospital-grade dermatoscopes, hammers and tuning forks, laryngoscopes, ophthalmoscopes, otoscopes, stethoscopes, thermometers, visual acuity charts and specialty diagnostic sets and specialty ophthalmology diagnostic products such as retinographs and vision screeners.

At Zone Medical, we have made a conscious decision to only supply top medical equipment to Australia and worldwide medical professionals and private clients interested in monitoring their own health at home. We do not want any product to negatively affect the name and reputation of our respected company; this means our catalogue does not simply include the diagnostic equipment we can get the best deal out of. We provide medical diagnostic equipment you can trust and rely on to provide accurate diagnostic data according to your field of expertise.


Dermatologists and general practitioners will appreciate our broad array of dermatoscopes – many with 10-year warranties – that sit alongside products such as the MoleMate skin imaging system and universal dermoscopy lens that attaches to your or a hospital’s mobile device. For ENT specialists, general practitioners, emergency medicine departments and anaesthesiologists, we provide non-flicker fibre optic laryngoscopes with a range of accessory blades, non-magnifying and magnifying otoscopes with throat illuminators, adult and paediatric stethoscopes in a range of colours, a complete general practitioner diagnostic set and specialist ENT sets for diagnostics in clinical or mobile settings.

Ophthalmologists will, we are confident, be extremely satisfied with the range of eye-related diagnostic equipment on offer at Zone Medical. From visual acuity charts to visual screening headsets, from retinoscopy and ophthalmoscopy kits to macro view or panoptic solutions, Zone Medical covers all the necessary diagnostic tools for eye clinics, hospital departments and general practitioner on the go, supplying top quality ophthalmological diagnostic equipment all over the world.

Browsing through our medical diagnostic equipment category you may have often noticed the name of Welch Allyn, the brand name associated with Hillrom diagnostic equipment. Hillrom traces its medical innovation roots to 1915 when Dr. Francis Welch and William Noah Allyn developed the world's first handheld, direct illuminating ophthalmoscope. Since then, Hillrom has been providing reliable, accurate and innovative diagnostic solutions for various medical specialisms with an aim to enable early diagnosis and so improve outcomes.

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