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Innovations in spirometry machine by MIR Medical International Research have led to an excellent range of Zone Medical catalogue products representing the best in spirometry machines and accessories. Due to long-term positive customer feedback regarding MIR spirometry machine and software, Zone Medical has decided to supply this renowned Italian brand’s accurate and user-friendly spirometers on an exclusive basis.

The varying degrees of complexity available in MIR spirometry machine guarantee a model for every setting, while high connectivity and/or Winspiro software provide for a respiratory diagnostic and evaluation dashboard that can be easily reviewed by patient and physician alike. Real-time Bluetooth testing with downloadable or printable results in combination with clear, patented incentives and user-friendly design has led to the continuing success of MIR desktop or portable spirometry devices in home and clinical settings. Zone Medical’s decision to exclusively supply Medical International Research spirometry units is based upon a degree of complete customer satisfaction other competitively priced brands are simply unable to provide. In addition, MIR spirometry devices are eligible for Medicare rebates.


Top spirometry devices such as those within the MIR range have been designed not only for use by medical professionals but also for private use. Amateur and professional athletes appreciate in-device data storage to track lung performance over the long term. Smoker access to regular spirometry readings has been shown to increase the chances of long-term smoking cessation. Any therapy that is initiated with a goal to increase lung capacity and respiratory function, from deep breathing exercises to post cardiac surgery physiotherapy, can be accurately evaluated by any individual through the correct use of a spirometer.

MIR medical spirometry devices for physicians offer the opportunity to store large amounts of secure data in the associated patient file and include an expansive range of highly specific tests that are of little value to the home user but essential to the field of respiratory medicine. Pneumologists, sleep clinics, sports physicians, cardiologists, rehabilitation units, research facilities, paediatricians, neurologists and general practitioners will appreciate the broad range of settings, data storage capacities and excellent accuracy synonymous with MIR technology.

Naturally, we also supply the entire range of MIR spirometer accessories, from single-use turbines and reusable spirometer turbines to nose clips and MIR Winspiro software. Take advantage of patented, accurate spirometry solutions from our high-performance spirometer selection and evaluate your or your patients’ respiratory function with ease.

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