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Bladder Scanners

Zone Medical offers high accuracy bladder scanners with live scan options that require little to no maintenance. Just as importantly, our entire range is user-friendly and the results easy to interpret. Care assistants can quickly be trained in their correct use. We offer models from renowned brands such as Meike, Kaixin and Avantsonic.

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Bladder scanner systems are typically utilized by geriatricians, gerontologists, urologists, anaesthetists, general practitioners and nursing staff to assess bladder volume, degree of urinary retention and post-voidal residues. While older bladder scanner models required a certain level of skill in both the scanning procedure and the interpretation of results, our modern, accurate and easy to use portable bladder scanners mean a very shallow learning curve. Sufferers of neurogenic bladder, for example, may opt to use a budget bladder scanner at home rather than implement intermittent catheterisation; urinary catheterisation increases the risk of developing urinary tract infections.

Also outside of the clinical environment, handheld bladder scanners are regularly used to enhance urinary incontinence treatment in elderly residents and so manage their care without unnecessary catheterisation. By assessing and managing incontinence issues in residential homes, staff time can be used more efficiently, laundry costs are saved and residents and family members report increased quality of life. Skin integrity is also significantly improved in the presence of correct incontinence management.

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