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Foetal & Vascular Dopplers

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Foetal & Vascular Dopplers

The Edan 2 Mhz foetal doppler is a non-invasive medical device that uses ultrasound technology to detect the heartbeat of a fetus during pregnancy. This device uses a transducer probe to detect and amplify the fetal heartbeat in real time, typically at an accuracy of around 95%. The Edan foetal doppler is widely used among obstetricians, midwives, and pregnant women to monitor the health and progress of the unborn child throughout pregnancy and can also assist in detecting abnormalities in the early stages.

Edan 8 Mhz vascular doppler is an ultrasound device used to assess blood flow in the arms, legs and other organs. It uses sound waves to measure the speed and direction of blood flow and can detect clots, blocked arteries and other vascular issues. The Edan vascular doppler provides detailed images of the vessels and surrounding tissues con allow for real-time analysis of blood flow in different body areas. The device is ideal for the medical assessment of a patient’s vascular condition. Additionally, it can be used in vascular interventions and during the evaluation of response to treatment.

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