With Zone Medical colposcopes, gynaecologists and gynaecology students are given the opportunity to use anywhere up to a top-level 16.7x magnification to identify possible tissue abnormality and accurately pinpoint cervical biopsy sites.

Colposcopy equipment at Zone Medical covers gynaecological colposcopes that enable efficient cervical cancer screening through excellent light sources, high-resolution imagery, superb depth of field and field of view, and first-class contrast. You are also given the option to save these fantastic quality images to camera, watch on-screen in real-time or reproduce as 3-D imagery. Zone Medical colposcopes are also selected on account of their ergonomic characteristics and easy positioning.

Every Zone Medical colposcope has been tested for weight – we only supply lightweight, easy to manipulate mobile colposcope models that require the minimum of storage space and therefore fit space-related limitations in every gynaecology clinic, no matter how small.

Alltion has gained international recognition for its ability to design, manufacture and guarantee budget colposcopes that compete with and often exceed the specifications of high-budget models from the most famous suppliers such as Leisegang. Colposcopes made by Alltion never disappoint our customers. That is why Zone Medical has made a conscious decision to limit itself to the supply of colposcopes (and microscopes) from this excellent, proven and award-winning medical equipment designer and manufacturer.

Zone Medical