Audiometry testing is required across various industries to determine how well a person can hear. Tympanometry and audiometry are diagnostic and evaluative tools essential in ENT departments, audiologist offices, clinical researchers and occupational health services. With several different types of hearing tests available, Zone Medical supplies a variety of audiometry devices to suit every requirement.

Desktop and portable audiometers and tympanometers offered by Zone Medical medical equipment suppliers in Queensland are manufactured by reliable top medical equipment companies specialising in audiometry devices such as Amplivox, Maico and Grason Stadler. Grason Stadler’s versatile tympanometry device comes in five different versions, all of which are upgradeable to include additional options as and when required. Tympanometry of 226Hz and 1 kHz probe tones come as standard with each model, but options include ipsilateral acoustic reflex, contralateral acoustic reflex, and the choice of manual and auto audiometry.

For budget audiometry devices try the manual screening audiometers from Grason Stadler and Amplivox. The cheapest audiometry equipment in our catalogue is the Maico handheld hearing screener powered by batteries. Ideal as an initial diagnostic audiometer for on-the-go audiologists.

Where soundproofing is an issue, Zone Medical supplies an affordable audiometry booth (single occupancy). This mobile audiometry booth is equipped with its own ventilation system, lighting, seat, shelf and jack panel for audiometer connection. This portable soundproof booth it is ready to use within minutes of delivery.

Naturally, Zone Medical supplies a variety of audiometry accessories which include hand response switches, cables and power supplies, audiometry headphones and portable printers.

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