Ankle brachial index monitors, ankle-brachial pressure index machines or ABI or ABPI devices are eligible for Medicare rebates and a reliable method for the diagnosis or tracking of peripheral artery disease. Zone Medical currently supplies ABIs from Huntleigh, a leading, multi-award winning global provider based in Cardiff, England producing top quality medical equipment for healthcare professionals and specialising in vascular assessment and treatment devices. For individuals wanting to keep track of their own health, these devices calculate the ratio of lower limb (ankle) blood pressures to those in the arm and can indicate the presence of blocked arteries.

Zone Medical provides medical-grade specialist ABI machines for vascular specialists, general practitioners, sports doctors, occupational health workers, health worker support staff and diagnosticians that produce accurate results based upon innovative algorithms.

Bilateral ankle-brachial monitoring has an important role to play in any diagnostic or treatment evaluation setting. Preventive measures can then be taken well before peripheral artery disease requires surgical treatment; the incentive and motivation for changing lifestyle habits is visible on downloadable and printable reports.

Ankle-brachial pressure index results include systolic pressures, ABI calculations and pulse volume wave forms of both brachial and ankle measurements. Devices can be trolley-mounted or wall-mounted for ease of use or placed in a lightweight carry bag with additional space for reserve cuffs and all cables. Disposable sleeves are also available. Zone Medical also supplies its customers with a range of cuff sizes for use with ABI devices.

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