Zone Medical offers its customers oxygen masks, nebuliser kits and oxygen concentrators for home and clinical oxygen therapy. Primarily focusing on portable, low-maintenance oxygen concentrators that produce high oxygen percentages from ambient air sources, Zone Medical’s objective is to provide a device that improves quality of life, safety and simplicity in all home-care settings. In addition, our devices have found a place in a range of healthcare settings, such as with medical aid workers in high-altitude environments, mobile emergency services and clinics, and general practitioner offices. Wherever the storage or transportation of compressed oxygen may be considered dangerous, such as during short- or long-haul flights, high or low temperature environments or on the road, our oxygen concentrators, together with masks and nebuliser kits, increase comfort and maintain tissue oxygenation even in the absence of an electricity supply.

Patients receiving oxygen therapy at home usually suffer from one or more respiratory or cardiac disorder. The delivery and cost of bottled gases means more and more people are turning to the simplicity and low cost of oxygen concentrator devices. Zone Medical machines provide up to 96% O2 at flows of between 0.2 and 1 litre per minute. They can run on batteries and offer a much higher quality of life to those that were formerly obliged to remain close either to a power outlet or to a heavy oxygen bottle. This freedom of movement has led to our currently supplied products becoming popular with travellers and mountaineers who spend significant time in high altitude environments.

While Zone Medical provides a broad catalogue of countless medical devices, it does not forget the mainstays of clinical equipment; in this particular case single-use masks, nasal cannulas and nebuliser mask kits. All of our products meet the appropriate health and safety standards and can be used in accredited medical facilities across the globe.

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